Ibori’s travails were politically motivated – Oghara youths



Oghara youths urge Ibori to pursue and overtake his enemies

Not less than 5000 youths participated in the welcome of Ibori to Oghara, even as the busy East West road passing through Oghara was a beehive of human activity on Saturday.

Ededey explained that Ibori’s trials in Nigeria and the United Kingdom were politically motivated, noting that now that Ibori is back he should be more focused in pursuing his political career.

He said as it is now, some of Ibori’s political enemies are already jittery, occasioned by his release and triumphant entry into the country.

The youth leader urged Ibori to be wise at this point in time, especially as there are plans currently ongoing by some political cabals to cage him from the reach of the people, stressing that he should make himself available to all and act wisely in making decisions.

He advise Ibori to focus more on the youths, since some of the leaders have failed the people while he was away.

Ededey thanked all that came to celebrate with Oghara people, especially those that stood by their national leader during Ibori’s years of incarceration.