Holy Cane?: Reverend Father Flogs Church Members Inside Church (Video)



The reverend father flogging his church members

A weird video circulating online has shown a Reverend father flogging his church members in an African church.

The bizarre ritual it is believed was to cleanse members of sin. The white man of God is seen holding a stick (which is said to be holy) and whacks the members who lined up to receive the flogging.

The video has caused commotion online with many people condemning the act.

Someone commented: "The Rev Father wan flog the evil spirit wey possess the man comot

"is this madness or what?" another person commented.

another added: "Our gullibility in Africa is second to none! We just love to worship our pastors and reverend Fathers not God! I swear i can't stop laughing."

"Are you sure it's not a drama? Cos drama has taken new dimension now. The day AFRICA is freed from the word Religion, that is the day we gain true INDEPENDENCE. I can stand to be corrected but not stand to be flogged." someone else wrote.

Watch the video below: