Dead man's grave VANISHES weeks after his funeral, his wife in despair (photo)



Brenda Reynolds (center) says the cemetery is negligent

57-year-old Brenda Reynolds first failed to locate her husband's grave a week ago and frantically called the manager of the Gloria Memorial Private Cemetery, Beverley Naidoo. However, Beverley soon stopped taking her calls.

Brenda, who spoke to a news outlet in Cape Town, says her husband's grave was clearly marked with a tombstone and a cross. She suspects that she is a victim of vandalism and theft of the tombstone.

Brenda shared the design of the picture painted on her husband's grave's tombstone, which has since been stolen

Brenda also says her mother's grave was similarly vandalized and left unattended, resulting in defacement and accumulation of rubble around it. She adds that the cemetery dug other graves too close to her mother's, which constituted encroachment.

When she went to the cemetery in the company of a news reporter, the manager, Beverley, was rude and unhelpful, and arrogantly told her to exhume her husband's and mother's bodies if she was unhappy with the cemetery's service.

She also threatened to call the police to evict Brenda and the reporter from the cemetery.

Check out the video below that shows how unmarked graves can be located through dowsing.