Big Brother Nigeria: A TV Reality Show or a Gathering of Porn Stars?



Screenshots from the Big Brother Nigeria scenes

To my understanding, Big Brother is a TV Reality show that show cases the lives of young vibrant people who have unique personalities, either crazy or nah, It all boils down to the huge amount of money they are there for.

Though I decided to watch the whole nonsense from beginning, how organizer decided to take a Nigerian show to another country for shooting, Well that's no big deal, it is allowed at least our Presidents also leave our good hospitals to seek medical attentions in foreign countries; So its allowed to move a show abroad too

Contestants or housemates begin to show their real selves in no time, viewers also begin to choose their favourite contestants. Yea, it could get really crazy as their whole life is being shown on TV, I mean that's why it #BBN

However, the Nigerian version #BBnaija has been nothing more than a porn show (I stand to be corrected), What? Like What is that? Daily, all we see is cuddling, rolling of each others tongue, kissing, sucking and all other immorality.

In as much as the Show is to showcase creativity, I think its loosing her focus already, Not to forget that yes we the viewers expected something of such but we never expected something that occurs often and often

A TV show where fingering, kissing, sucking and humping is the order of the day. There's hardly anything called creativity in it, It is in fact a waste of time and efforts

Imagine me having to stay up late to watch TV only to meet Soma and Giffy or some other housemate smooching all the way, This really doesn't portray the belief of the country.

To add up to this, the contestants are nothing close to handsome or beautiful, big fat Lips Peeps, It's as though the ugly people were being selected for the show, Maybe to make the world feel we are ugly here in Naija...#justsaying

Indeed BBN is just a show off game. Nothing profitable for viewers, pornography at its peak and a total package of nonsense,

Like really, what's it gain? Less i forget the boobs that we see are even sagged. Somebody should put them to order oo.