Angry Man Opens Fire on His Girlfriend's Sisters, Kidnaps Her Brother...Shocking Details



Law enforcment officers stand at the of the tragic incident

A family in Ntuzuma, north of Durban, South Africa, has been left seriously traumatized after they were attacked by a SA National Defence Force soldier on Tuesday.

According to Daily Sun SA, the attack left one family member (22) dead and injured two more, as well as a cop.

A family member (18) said the suspect is his sister’s boyfriend.

He said the man called his girlfriend and told her he heard she was cheating on him. “My sister was shocked because two months ago she gave birth to their baby. After the call, my sister told us her boyfriend said he was driving from Upington in the Northern Cape to deal with her.”

He said the suspect first went to their home in Inanda to look for his girlfriend but only found her two sisters.

He said the soldier then asked where she was and when they said they didn’t know, he shot them. One woman died, while the other was taken to hospital.

“He searched for my sister in the house and when he couldn’t find her he went to Ntuzuma, where he found my mum and two brothers. He kidnapped one brother at gunpoint to help him search for her. We had already reported the matter to the cops when he took my brother.”

While he was in the cops’ car searching for the soldier, they came across his car. “He saw us and opened fire on the police car. He injured a cop on his foot and my other sister on her arm.

“I was unharmed. The soldier escaped with a police radio,” he said.

He said the girlfriend is in hiding with her two-month-old baby. “My sister and the soldier were together for three years.”

Brigadier-General Mafi Mgobozi confirmed that the soldier is a member of 8 South African Infantry Battalion in Upington, Northern Cape.

Brigadier Jay Naicker said charges of murder were opened at the Inanda Police Station and an attempted murder docket is being investigated by Ntuzuma SAPS.

“Cops are looking for the suspect."