The Game, Soulja Boy & Safaree all want a piece of Nicki Minaj's pie after break up with Meek Mill (screenshots)



Nicki Minaj last week shocked fans when she took to Twitter to announce she was single after breaking up with rapper, Meek Mill.

And it seems now that rappers The Game (he had a public beef with Meek Mill), Soulja Boy and even her ex-boyfriend Safaree all want a piece of Nicki's pie and haven't been shy to show it as they have been hitting on her on social media.
First is her ex - Safaree, who she broke up with before dating Meek Mill, he's been trolling her with posts like 'Big head', and even TMZ reported that he was willing for a re-union with Nicki if she was willing too.

While Soulja Boy has been leaving 'love struck' emojis on her Instagram pictures.

Then The Game, who has a very heated beef with Meek Mill has also been hitting on her with the 'Hey Big head' comments

These are the celebs that are hitting on her publicly, you can imagine the number of those who are doing it privately, in her Dms and all...Meek Mill was a lucky