So Monstrous: Girl Breaks Internet with Her 'Thunder' Hips (Photos)



Miss Bond

She is simply identified as Miss Bond without any information about her personal life. Her country is not known but the thick lady who is around 5ft4 in height is not a Nigerian.

She boasts of a flawless skin with an alluring chocolate colour. What has singled her out on social media is her massive hips which she regards as 'Thunder'.

The beautiful lady is a fitness trainer. She leads a flat tummy campaign as well as advocates a healthy lifestyle among women through regular exercises.

Taking a look at her page, she is not all about talks alone but actions as she shows pictorial progress of her work out sessions. She currently has over 91,000 followers on Instagram and she is one of the most coveted ladies on the social network due to her mind-boggling hips.

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