How My Boss' Wife Gave Me Mind-blowing S*x, But I am Seriously Worried



*Photo used for illustrative purpose*

I offered to help an old friend take her shopping home and we ended up having steamy sex. Now she is pregnant and I am worried sick.

We were at school together and I used to fancy her back then. She is very pretty but I thought she was out of my league. We are both 25 now and didn’t keep in touch once we left school, although we sometimes saw each other when we were out clubbing or in town.

I bumped into her out shopping in town a few weeks back. She had lots of big bags so I offered her a lift back home with them. As soon as the front door closed behind us she got out a bottle of wine and offered me a drink to say thank you. She said she had always fancied me, back at school and she started flirting. We were kissing before I knew it.

We went into her bedroom and had sex. It was mind-blowing.
I felt awkward afterwards but she said there was no need to worry about it, and she told me it was a last fling for her as she was about to get married.

She told me who she was marrying and I was shocked as it was my boss. He is 29. We all knew at work he was getting married but we had not met his intended.

I couldn’t believe she had cheated on him because he is a really nice guy. He has been in a fantastic mood at work since the wedding. He invited several of us out for a drink after work last Friday and insisted on getting the first round in.

He said he was celebrating because his wife is pregnant. I saw her out yesterday and she blanked me but I am terrified that she will tell my boss that we had sex.

It would make things a total nightmare at work.

We didn’t use a condom and I am worried that it might even be my baby and, if so, what the future holds for me.