6 things you should know about Apostle Suleman's interrogation



File photo of Apostle Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries.

Although the situation of things in the country is a little awkward, many share the belief that the man of God should have been a little diplomatic with his opinions considering the fact that the issue on ground is a sensitive one.

The Fulani herdsmen in recent times have threatened the peace and unity of the nation with their incessant terrorism. With the series of attacks launched on the Christians, one would think they are on a mission to expunge those who share their faith.

However, thousands of Nigerians have faulted Apostle Suleman for asking Christians to kill Fulani herdsmen since there is a government in power. On the other hand, it seems like the only alternative and could be guided with a section of the law that advocates self defense.

About a week ago, DSS operatives tried arresting the man of God in Ado Ekiti but the operation was foiled. Governor Fayose was quoted to have said the federal officials fled when they saw his car and his people. However, he made a point by saying the DSS should invite him properly rather than snooping around in the night.

On this note, Apostle Suleman was invited by DSS operatives for questioning even though many shared the opinion that he should not have granted the request as there were speculations that he would be arrested.

Find below the things that happened before and during the interrogation:

1. Acceptance

Apostle Suleman's decision to be taken in for interrogation was a huge surprise. The cleric said the DSS was right to have called him for questioning.

2. The interrogation was done at night

The man of God seemed to be brave after all; he must have known the implication of going for the interrogation yet, he went. It was like walking into the lion's den but he did not let this bother him. Apostle Suleman got to the office of the DSS around 7pm.

3. He went alone

One would expect that the man of God would go to the DSS office with some people in order to play safe. He chose to go alone without his lawyers.

4. The interrogation was delayed

The media aide of the cleric revealed that the interrogation did not start until some minutes past 9pm.

This means that Apostle Suleiman had to wait for hours before he was attended to despite the federal officials clamoring to take him for questioning.

This decision also left doubts in the mind of people as they keep wondering why the interrogation had to be done late in the night in a free and fair system.

5. It was a friendly chat

The much anticipated interrogation turned out to be a friendly chat after all. The series of questions asked were presumed to be mild in order not to agitate any political or religious crisis in the nation. The interrogation lasted for a little over an hour at the long run.

6. Apostle Suleman was released at 11pm

After the friendly chat ended, the cleric was released and made to go home. He left the office of the DSS at about 11pm.